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Typing in english by accident

Sometimes I translate a sentence that is being spoken to english by accident even though I should have written it in spanish. Since duolingo will detect this and tell me "You typed in English, not Spanish" why then does it not give me a chance to actually write in spanish instead of marking it as an error immediately.

August 8, 2012



I think that duolingo should allow you to redo the exercise if you typed in the wrong language


I did that a lot when I first started here but I don't notice that mistake very often now. I will forget to translate one word or so occasional now. I know loosing points sucks psychologically but being forced to repeat a section is going to help you learn.


Yeah, but you could be forced to redo the exercise properly but instead you can't redo it even if you wanted. And I think it would be more helpful for my progress that I can advance to lessons that are on my level, instead of having to redo lessons that I failed because I accidentally misread the instructions. What do you think?


Sounds good I'm for anything that will help people learn.


Yes. I also suggested (in feedback) that they put the national flag up of the country whose language we're supposed to be writing in. Graphics are so much more geared up to this kind of autonomous behaviour control than text. We get to choose which flags for English and for Spanish, etc. (e.g. for me British flag and Dominican Republic flag respectively). I just did two translations in a row instead of writing in Spanish and it is 1) extremely frustrating and 2) breaks the concentration (i was on a roll before this), not to mention 3) makes me want to do something else


Yeah, I agree with xoviat on that

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