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Dutch Pronunciation

Hello. I have a question about pronouncing the 'n' at the end of dutch words. For example: would a person really say "wij hebben" the way it is written? Or would it sound more like "wij hebbe". I ask because on Duolingo the "n" seems to be pronounced, but not in the other dutch learning service that I am using. Thanks.

July 20, 2014



There are regional variations in pronunciation of 'n' at the end of words. Generally in the western parts of the Netherlands the 'n' is not pronounced or just very lightly, while in the north/eastern parts it is pronounced. Not sure if it's pronounced in the southern parts.


Location is indeed an issue, but also the speed with which one speaks. For people learning the Dutch language, I would definitely recommend pronouncing the 'n'.


My boyfriend who is from Noord-Brabant, doesn't pronounce the n unless the word is a plural I've noticed. His g/ch/sch's are softer than audio clips I've heard of from sites that use people who live in Amsterdam etc.

I've also noticed that when he says 'elf' or 'hetzelfde' he tends to pronounce the 'elf' parts like 'eluf' as though there is another sound in there. He says that's just his regional accent so I'm not sure xD

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