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"Do you already know the subject of your next book?"

Translation:Savez-vous déjà le sujet de votre prochain livre ?

April 18, 2020



Apparantly I am missing a rule: why is it "votre prochain livre" and not " votre livre prochain" based on BAGS?


"Prochain" is placed after the noun when the noun is a precise date: lundi prochain, la semaine prochaine, le mois prochain...

You place it before the noun when it refers to the next occurrence of something: les prochaines vacances, le prochain train, votre prochain livre...


Thanks for your reply. I got it. BTW: In your explanation, you switched "before" and "after".


Sorry for the mishap and thanks for the correction!


You are amazing sitesurf. So helpful. Are you part of the Duo team or a very generous and learned learner with us?


I am a volunteer.


Thank you, sir/ma'am. Mx Sitesurf has always been of great help.


Thank you Sitesurf you have often been the only reason i have stayed with Duolingo. Unfortunately the need for very accurate sentences means i will finish before my next subscription. The need for absolute accuracy is stopping me speaking. Merci pour votre aide.


Est-ce que tu sais déjà le sujet de ton nouveau livre ? Marked incorrect but not at all clear why.


Why not connaisez?


"Vous connaissez"


Connaissez-vous déjà le sujet ... ? was accepted, in spite of Duo's model answer. Do those two have the exact same meaning?


Duo's model answer (which is the original sentence) is improper.

Either "Connaissez-vous déjà le sujet... ?"

Or "Savez-vous déjà quel est le sujet... ?"


Thank you. My intuitive understanding is that savoir is about knowledge of propositional contents, which are typically realized as sentences/clauses, and that connaître is when you talk about knowledge of things, concrete or abstract, through or based on the senses, typically realized as noun phrases. I think your savez-vous déjà quel est le sujet ..., where savoir takes the quel-clause, suggests that I might not be too far from the mark. Still, I sometines find it confusing which verb to choose, as when le sujet de votre livre is a noun phrase and has a propositional content. Anyhow, thanks again :)


"est-ce que tu sais deja le sujet de ton prochain roman". Please tell me what is incorrect in this sentence?


Book = livre

Novel = roman

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