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"Welke boterhammen zijn van mij?"

Translation:Which sandwiches are mine?

July 20, 2014



How would you translate "which sandwiches are for me?"


"Welke boterhammen zijn voor mij?"


I would say in English they have the same meaning... So I don't see the reason why you don't accept which sandwiches are for me.


I got caught by this one as well. Technically, I should most definitely have gone with "mine", but to us these both mean the same thing. So, it is not surprising that we were caught by this. Dutch is so close to English that there is often more than one way to say it in Dutch as well and we must be careful to find the exact correspondence, more so than with other languages.


That is the same way that I interpreted the question. It would be a common way to ask the question in US Midwest English.


WordFitlyS… welke is used with "De" words and with any plural word, welk to "het" words and word in Diminutive!!!


To make easier this kind of problems, I use this website: http://www.welklidwoord.nl/


How do you say ‘which sandwiches are from me‘?


I don't know in which context you would say that but I guess you could translate it to "Welke boterhammen zijn van mij afkomstig?" or "Welke boterhammen komen van mij?"


I wrote "which are my sandwiches?". Is this not an acceptable translation?


All of them. All of the sandwiches are mine.


I get this wrong every time during the listening exercise because it sounds like the female voice says, "Welke boterhammen zijn voor mij?"

In conversation it likely wouldn't matter because the meanings are quite close, but when I have to type exactly what I hear and what I hear is "voor" and not "van" it can be frustrating.

Could be my ears, but I am wearing my hearing aids.


Is this "welke" for plurals and "welk" for singular, or am I missing something important here?


I think it's welke for most words and welk for "het" words.


And thanks to you as well! Guess it's like the adjectives.


Could i also use 'welke boterhamen zijn mijn?'

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