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  5. "Zij hebben een snelle hond."

"Zij hebben een snelle hond."

Translation:They have a fast dog.

July 20, 2014



i still dont understand when we use the 'snelle' word instead the snel, please advise, thank you


I too am struggling with this. This particular skill, adjective basics seems to throw a lot of information at us at once.


Why is it snelle and not snel?


Because it is de hond: De mooie hond, Een mooie hond. Het mooie huis, Een mooi huis. So it's always +e when it's in front of the word it's referring to, except with een neuter.


Zij refers to both 'she' and 'they', how do you know which one to use?


The verb will tell you.

Zij heeft - She has

Zij hebben - They have


Here's a little song I came up with so that you know when you use -e for verbs (same jinjle as "mary had a little lamb"):

♪Verbs ending in e go before the noun♪

♪Before the noun♪

♪Before the noun♪

♪Verbs ending in e goes before the noun♪

♪Otherwise it does not count♪

Hope this helps! :D


So, fast in Dutch is pronounced "snail" ?!

(chortle chortle)


Snelle is like slow not fast its another wired word like hond it is more like hound than dog but that is my opinon in this wold :):):):):):)


Why haven't it accepted my "Ze" instead of "Zij"?!


"Zij" has more accent than "Ze". So depending on what you want to say and how you want to say it. I think in this example the emphasis is on "They", like they're the ones who's having a fast dog. However I've heard people saying "ze hebben" on many occasions. Thus it's not entirely wrong to use "Ze". I hope I made a bit clear :)


Why does "they have a fast doggy" give error


Because the word here is "hond"


Probabky because "Doggy" is slang.

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