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"Welke straat leidt naar het strand?"

Translation:Which street leads to the beach?

July 20, 2014



I've noticed in both this and a previous sentence that the audio recording leans towards the German pronunciation of "st" at the beginning of words, i.e. "s" being pronounced as the English "sh".

Is it the way these words are pronounced in some areas? Is it the way they are pronounced everywhere?


This is interesting - I've become so familiar with her pronunciation but hadn't noticed her "shtr" before. I went back to recordings of my tutor who speaks "standard" Nederlands and there is no "shtraat" and "shtrand", just straight up "str" sounds, so I think it's just her accent. Mind you, for a small country there are many regional accents, and in eastern provinces, especially those in the south, there are strong similarities to German in pronunciation and vocabulary.


Yes that's how it should be pronounced :) shtrand


Why isn't here "What" possible? If I hover over "welke" I get "Which" and "What".


Strictly speaking I don't think that's good English (it should be "which…"), so maybe that's why.


Yeah I think it depends on your dialect of English. I say "what street" but I think you're right in saying it's not good English.


I agree with you. And if it is like in German (which is most likely the case), "welke" is both "what" and "which", always followed by a noun.


Not sure but seems there might be a few other ways of saying this, e.g. "Which street goes to the beach?", "takes one to the beach", "takes you to the beach", etc.


Yeah, we have a fair few ways of saying that in English. I personally went for "goes to the beach". You could also say something like "Which street gets you to the beach?", "Which street should I take for the beach?", or "Which street would take me to the beach?" The most important thing about translation is that the meaning is conveyed, and as long as it is, the actual phrasing is secondary.


I said "which street leads to the strand" and it wasn't accepted.


but you should use beach instead of strand! Is it even a word in english?!


Yes, it means beach.


Not such a useful sentence in Belgium! Welke straat leidt naar de frietuur? Daily use!

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