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"Leidt de straat naar de kerk?"

Translation:Does the street lead to the church?

July 20, 2014



Again, not sure but I think there are a few other ways to say this, e.g. "Does this street take you to the church?", "take one to the church", "go to the church", etc.


Yeah, I wrote "The street leads to the church?" and it was wrong


For the sake of this exercise, since this is not spoken, it makes more sense to add the auxilliary verb. Duo ignores all punctuation marks as far as I have observed so your example is effectively a statement, not a question.


jennesy -when posing a question in English you have to use 'do' in most cases <do you like playing....?/Does he like learning languages?, etc. >

my issue with this sentence is grammar related -a demonstrative pronound would be much more natural I think in place of the <this, that>


I wouldn't say so. It depends on context. (to your second idea)


Because it was a question


In Dutch when a verb starts a sentence that means it is a question. So saying "the street leads to the church" would not be correct.


Can anyone tell me why "Does the street lead toward the church?" was rejected? Or, is 'naar' not the word that the dictionary hints have been translating as either 'to' or 'toward'?

I really wish this course had a glossary (words list). I can't yet keep these words straight.


As far as I know, in some contexts they can be used interchangeably.

Nevertheless, to implies a certain 'destination' quality, it shows the destination you'll reach at the end of the movement.

Toward(s), in contrast, doesn't show that, but the direction in which you're moving (your destination might differ!).

Here you can find some examples:



Leidt de straat naar de kerk - is good Don't forget the t at the end!


Why was "does the street take to the church" marked wrong?


That makes it sound like the street really likes the church (in many dialects, he takes to the dog means he likes the dog). You would need an object- Does this street take one to the church, does this street take you to the church. I suspect Dutch has a way of saying exactly that that is different from this sentence.


Is "leidt" pronounced correctly here?


I see in some comments the suggestion this can be translated with "this street", but this seems incorrect to me, because it does not state "deze straat".

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