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Has anyone used languageconvo.com and is it helpful or is it a scam? Thank you everyone for any feedback on this question.

I tried the free 30 minute lesson and it is actually what I need right now on my language journey.

April 18, 2020



I've been using languageconvo for three months now. I've made great progress and I cant say enough about my teacher. She's a true professional language instructor. I recommend them.


there is a lot to signing up so i didn't finish it.


It looks alright. I had to cancel my lesson due to health issues but it seems legit.


this website is useful to me but i did not finish it


There are many websites and I do not use it


I started to but I noticed they asked a lot of personal question so I stop. I would probably not recommend it


I actually just started using it a month ago. I would definitely recommend. It is super cheap compared to other tutor programs. The website is easy to use and scheduling is flexible. I kept the same teacher they assigned to me because she seemed nice and I was comfortable with her, but apparently they have a lot of other teachers you can try out if you don't like the one you get. It's really a good program to supplement your learning, especially talking one on one with a native speaker you can expedite your skills pretty quick.


I just started with it last week for Spanish. Loved it enough that I quickly scheduled several lessons. I've now completed 3 lessons with 3 different teachers, and have 4 more scheduled. All of the 3 teachers were good and kind. It's very cheap. You can by single lessons, or packages. It comes out to around $14-17 per hour for a private teacher on a zoom-like experience. Also, my first lesson had a bad connection, and afterwards they were able to trace it back on their end with their log. They verified that the connection was bad and credited me additional time beyond the single lesson. So far I'm a big fan. But early days, still.


I have used languageconvo for years and I can assure you they are very legit. Whenever there was an issue that interfered with one of my classes or sessions; connection issues or the teacher having an unexpected emergency, they were very quick to respond and rectify. I used it for Spanish and the two teachers I had were simply incredible!

When I first began utilizing their site, we would meet and conduct the class on Skype. But, about two years ago, they created their own virtual classroom. Generally it functions just fine, just like Skype. However, on my end as the customer and student, I see no benefit for this what so ever.

I used to purchase the largest package they offered for lessons because, it was the most economical. But they increased their prices twice in the past year. I suspect what they’re charging now is still probably very competitive compared to what many other language learning sites are currently asking for. But, I'm a senior and can no longer justify it because, like many, I'm on a budget. So, now I just purchase a two hour block (which is the minimal amount you can purchase and can be divided up into four 30 minute sessions if you like) when I can.

Overall, even though I feel their virtual classroom is unnecessary I would still recommend them.

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