"The birds and the fathers are happy."

Translation:Hontesse kepī kirini issi.

April 18, 2020

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How do you say the man and the bird? Is it like: Kepa hontēs? Maybe


Can somone inform me about "To be" verbs in High Valyrian?


For the first several topics, you'll need to learn the present tense:

iksan = I am

iksā = you (singular) are

issa = he/she/it is

iksi = we are

iksāt = you (plural) are

issi = they are


Imagine the weird accent this lengthen and stress the last syllable coordination rule for conjunctions would cause the native speakers of High Valyrian to have if their were trying to speak English (and leaving and out).


how should I say "the bird and the father are happy"? Is it "hontes kepā kirini issj"?

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