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Google classroom integration

Duolingo offers the option of sharing the invitation to join a Duolingo class through google classroom, but if students are accessing google classroom through an app and they have the duolingo app on their mobile devices, the link will automatically open up the duolingo app without registering the students.

Y'all really need to fix this asap. You don't understand how frustrating this is that Duolingo schools isn't designed for mobile. How can you offer something like this is the year 2020 and not make it work seamlessly on all device types?

The vast majority of teenagers will try it once and give up, they won't try to figure it out, they will just bombard the teacher with emails saying "it doesn't work".

Duolingo schools should be a helpful tool for teachers to use, not cause more headaches, especially during this crisis.

April 18, 2020


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