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  5. "Tha i ceòthach."

"Tha i ceòthach."

Translation:It is misty.

April 18, 2020



I notice a different pronunciation of "ceothach," between the female voice saying the whole sentence, and the male voice saying just the word when one uses the hover feature.


Probably a dialect variant. There's a few of them. Wait till you hit coltach


The main female speaker in this lesson sometimes pronounces the initial c in ceothach as a ch, and sometimes as a k. Other speakers usually pronounce it as k -- but since "ce" is slender, ch is the "correct" pronunciation. Wonder if k is traditional, or a dialect?


When there is an eo combination in a word is the o always the accented letter?


No; remember the strach (accent) doesn't show the stress, since the stress always falls on the first syllable; it just shows when a vowel is long. And we've learned seo and leotha, both with no strach on the o. In any case, sometimes vowels are silent, and just there to indicate whether the consonants next to them should be slender (at the top of the mouth, "palatized", the weird variations usually) or "broad", low in the mouth.

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