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"Bha Anna a' draibheadh feasgar an-dè."

Translation:Anna was driving yesterday afternoon.

April 18, 2020



why is evening not an acceptable translatioin


Missed by accident, sorry!


You said I had a typo in writing Ann in my answer. You are wrong. According to the Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye, and its tapes, dictionaries, etc., Anna translates normally to Ann or Anne which are common girls' names in the UK. It can also translate as Anna but this is a much less common name. Ann is not a typo.


Sorry, it was a mistake on our end.


These are copied and pasted from the lesson review:

Your response: tha Anna a' dràibheadh feasgar an-dè Correct response: Bha Anna a' draibheadh feasgar an-dè

Your response: bha Beathag a' draibheadh madainn an-dè Correct response: Bha Beathag a' dràibheadh madainn an-dè.

Why is one dràibheadh and the other draibheadh?

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