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"They're the ones who jumped from the plane."

Translation:Ce sont elles qui ont sauté de l'avion.

April 18, 2020



Ils should be accepted


No, it wouldn't work. The pronoun should be eux, not ils.


As of May 3, 2021 "Ce sont eux qui ont sauté de l'avion." was accepted


Why has Ce sont ils qui ont saute de l'avion been marked incorrect?


in the tips, they said that c'est should be used even with more than one person and they gave the following example: 'c'est nous qui chantons' - what is correct here? if I follow the tips, the sentence should be, 'c'est elles qui ont saute de l'avion' - please explain, thank you


Duo STILL (Edited April 24 2021) says this in their "Tips" for this lesson (Sports 2): "Notice that even if there are several people involved, you still use c'est!" Please see Sitesurf's comments in the attached link, where she teaches that the actual correct translation in THIS example is « Ce sont elles .... » : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33399987 I am so grateful that Sitesurf, Jojo553168, ZarogouiL, Ghozu, and other native French speakers, are contributing to this site....these people are incredible teachers!


sooo confusing when duo says this and marks it wrong!


Can someone explain, why this is wrong? "Elles qui ont sautées"


Isn't "Elles sont celles qui ont sauté de l'avion." also correct?

Doesn't Duo's sentence translate as "They are those who jumped from the plane."?


Why do you put exercices of structures that has not been learned yet! Has it been once mentioned before, I would have put it correct. I disapprove!


Because that is how Duo teaches new words and structures, by using them.


Why is "Ce sont ils qui ont sauté de l'avion" marked wrong? The only thing that changes from the given right answer is "elles" and "ils"...


But "ils" is wrong, because it can only be used as a subject pronoun. You need the equivalent disjunctive pronoun "eux" => "Ce sont eux qui ont sauté de l'avion.".

(NB The equivalent of the subject pronoun "elles" is the disjunctive pronoun "elles".)

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