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"That" v "Which"

(sorry if this is in the wrong forum, struggling to find where to put my question)

When studying French (from English) there are various French sentences to translate into English. Every time that I answer and use the word "which", Duo tells me I am wrong because the word should be "that". In English we can usually say either but Duo seems not to recognise this.

An example:

C'est une région que je ne connais pas du tout

I would translate to:

It is a region which I don't know at all

however Duo marks me wrong and says the answer should be:

It is a region that I don't know at all

April 18, 2020



I'm inclined to agree with Duolingo. I'm an english speaker (from England) and would never use "which" in the example you quote. It just sounds completely wrong. Unhelpfully I'm struggling to find a general rule other than usage - sorry!


Use the report button. "My answer should be correct."


agreed use the report button or delete it and restart this post


Carolyn, vous avez raison.

Both "which" and "that" are relative pronouns. Either can be used in the sentence you gave.

When you are adding non-essential information, "which" (and not "that') is used, and it is set off by commas. But that is not the case here.


DL is right. "It is a region which I don't know at all." is wrong.


I never got the different between them real


I agree that you should report it as “should be accepted”, but to me when I say “a” something, it sounds better to use “that”, but when I say “the” something, I can use “which”.

Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-04-18


If you are really having a lot of trouble with that question than with every wrong answer they always show the correct answer what you hit the check botten and your answer is wrong


Which requires a comma. Did you try that solutíon?


Punctuation is mostly meaningless in Duolingo. The issue is explained by Janet above.


I understand how that can be annoying. Maybe whilst on Duolingo, be conscious of keeping 'which' to be meant as a comparison or as a determiner rather than a reference point when referring back to something.


I wonder if it’s a generational thing. I'm from the UK and old, and was taught always to use "which" in this type of sentence, have to grit the teeth and type "that"


Not a generational thing. I too am in my dotage. Blame your school,

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