Yo nunca digo "que" no.

I never say no. What purpose does "que" serve in this sentence? other than to confuse me lol. Yo nunca digo no makes more sense to me. Could someone please explain. Thank you

August 8, 2012


As in French, Spanish likes to use the 'that' where English doesn't. 'Creo que si' = I think so (literally 'I think that yes').

August 8, 2012

They're both correct. With or wothout 'que'.

The Spanish word 'no' is rather translated to the English 'not' than to 'no'.

Thanks for the answers. Since I posted this question I ran across it again later in the program and it was written as " Yo nunca digo no " just as I said earlier. So now my question is which one is correct ?

Without 'que' the sentence sounds odd to me, I would always use 'que' in this case.

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