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"I will visit this tourist attraction tomorrow."

Translation:Je visiterai ce site touristique demain.

April 18, 2020



Je visiterai demain ce site touristique is correct but duo don't accept I am French


Ha ha! I think they are sometimes TOO literal. I have had a similar problem (although I am not French) I think they should accept sentences that have the same meaning and are grammatically correct whilst offering the alternative.


Orally, it works. But in writing, the COD immediately follows the verb. But we can also say: "Demain je visiterai ce site touristique".

But if the COD is a pronoun, it is placed before the verb: je le visiterai demain.

PS: Do not hesitate to correct my bad english, i will be grateful to you :))


I knew the answer would be "je visiterai" since we are in the section on the future tense, but I wrote "je vais visiter" which I know does strictly translate to "I'm going to visit" and it was marked incorrect. Surely the meaning is the same and in common language it would be quite acceptable??


You are right, however there is this nuance: the future tense, "je visiterai", is a few hypothetical because more distant in time than le futur proche, "je vais visiter" which is certain. :)


Why not touriste?


Un/une touriste = noun. Touristique = adjective

Le touriste says: "je visite le site touristique".


perfectpom, You have very well analyzed the cause for which here was accepted only the future tense. where is the context?

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