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Duolingo could use a FAQ for each language.

In German the FAQ should include; 1) Nouns have genders. 2) Ihr is like the US southern " Y'all" 3) review of the four cases 4) in german, there are three declensions [strong, weak and mixed] 5) in german, present and present continuous (i'm eating and i eat) are said the same way. ......................................add your's below

April 18, 2012



i thought of three other FAQs... 6) most borrowed words are neuter in gender but some have two genders. ( sandwich for example ) 7) for compound nouns the end noun, determines the gender. a fish sandwich think of sandwich for the gender not fish. 8) some nouns add -n or -en in cases other than nominative.


Ich denke die Idee ist sehr gut. Sie sollen es machen.


I searched the topic FAQ and I found this post.

Yes DuoLingo can surely use a FAQ for each language. The real question is will people take the time to read through it because apparently the search button is not being used.

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