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  5. "Willen jullie avondeten?"

"Willen jullie avondeten?"

Translation:Do you want dinner?

July 20, 2014



I put " you want dinner?" is this not the same thing as "Do you want dinner?"


In casual speech, you want dinner? or even dinner? as a question is OK. I hear similar constructions all the time. Using the more formal form is usually better for these lessons, however.

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That would be correct if that was a statement. "you want dinner, he wants dinner, etc.". If you want to ask someone if they want dinner, or anything else, use "do". Always try your best to use grammatically correct sentences :).


Also 'Will you have dinner?' wasn't accepted.

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The slowed down version doesn't work. Only the first word of the sentence can be heard.


Can avondeten to be a verb..?, I mean: Do you want to dinner?


I think that "would you like dinner?" should also be acceptable but it was marked incorrect


This is cool because I'm improving my English as well :) I wrote "Do you want a dinner?" which is wrong :(

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It is wrong because "To have dinner" is an idiom. There are situations where you can use "a dinner", for example: "We have a dinner every year on the occasion of...".


I thought that "Do you all want your dinner?" would work. How come it doesn't?


Because it's not referring to anybody's dinner in particular. Just dinner.


Dinner is the evening meal


So for the first person, verb want is will ???


"To want" is "willen".

ik wil
jij/u (je) wilt
hij/zij/het wil
wij (we) willen
jullie/u willen
zij (ze) willen


If I am ordering at a restaurant, is it acceptable to say "Ik wil ... ... alstublieft"?


Ik wil graag....


i put you guys want dinner? and it said false it corrected to do you guys want dinner?


Duolingo tends to disregard punctuation, and tends to favor the standard over informal. In everyday conversation with tone of voice to provide context, "You guys want dinner?" is perfectly fine. But Duolingo is a computer program and can't really tell the difference between that as a question and that as a statement.


and your welcome for the 5 l┼čngots :D


owh thx :) well that really was annoying... duolingo system ahhhhhh i dont like you! :p


Are you asking me out on a date, Duo? If so, squeeeeee Uh, I mean to say - I accept, casually and totally not desperately. I've actually been dreaming of this mo- oh, well only if you've got nothing else to do. Oh you have? Well, another time mayb- Or not, whatever works best for you my lo- Oh, no I understand. Silly really, as if you'd ever want want to date m- You're right, I am a loser, I'll be single forev- Yes, Duo, I do need to grow some backbone for the next time I ask a bird out. Waits till he's flown off WHYY DUOOOO? WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME? I'D DO ANYTHING!


What is the reasoning for Willen vs Wil. My instinct would generally be Wil je avondeten, so just curious!


Would 'Are you wanting dinner?" be an acceptable translation? I feel it might be. Actually on second thinking... "Are you wanting dinner?" might be "Willen zijn jullie avondeten?"

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