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  5. "Italien wird gewinnen."

"Italien wird gewinnen."

Translation:Italy will win.

July 20, 2014



I hear ''Italien wird gewinn''. Wrong grammar by this male voice which usually darkens my day.


I can't make it give me the male voice, but you should be aware of the fact that many native speakers pronounce it like that -- so you should be prepared to hear it.

It may have a longer "n" sound, as if "Italien wird gewinnn", but there is not always a distinct vowel sound in the final syllable.


Can't we say "Italien wird siegen"? "Sieg" seems to be a more common word for victory in Umganggespraech...


It depends on what you want to say. You think about something like a football Match but maybe you want to say that Italy with some points or something like that. you can use“gewinnen“ in both cases while you can use“siegen“ only in the case that is Ally wins against another country or another person


They switched sides


Why did the man sound like he would say:"Italien wird gewin"? Lol


There's usually very little stress on "-en" so most people will actually pronounce it "gewinnn"; just a longer n


Whats wrong with "Italien wird winnen"


There's no such word. It's "gewinnen".


The pronunciation on the speaker is wrong he says gewinn Not gewinnen he does not say the en on the end


It's not wrong. More often than not, it's pronounced /ɡəˈvɪnn̩/ instead of /ɡəˈvɪnən/.


Or, else, your computer/loudspeaker does what mine does: Quite often when a phrase is read, the very last syllable is cut off. When I replay the audio, this last syllable is included.

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