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Experience using Spanish in Spain

I've been in Spanish in three weeks, and I just came home yesterday. In fact I've been using Spanish more than expected:

  • I used Spanish to order at restaurants, sometimes on behalf of parts of my faily (9 persons) too. In fact some workers started speaking Spanish to the rest of my family that had no clue about they were saying.

  • I used Spanish to tell how ineffective things were at Burger King, where I was skipped in the queue twice. I was so angry I messed up some basic grammar - but they understood me.

  • I used Spanish to asks question in Carrefour warehouse about their confusing loality programme. At least I found out I had no benefits since I do not buy things there often enough.

  • I used Spanish to find out practical things, such as closing times and ticket conditicions.

  • I will use Spanish to send a mail to Burger King about my bad experience...

4 years ago