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"Tu peux me donner ta recette ?"

Translation:Can you give me your recipe?

April 19, 2020



This recette thing is fooling me. What is "receipt" in French?


Receipt can be translated by "un reçu" or "une réception"

It is a tricky faux ami ; as a french native speaker I was also confused with thos words while learning english ahah


Duo has also translated it to "ticket" in other sections of the course.


recette translated to English as "ticket"? Interesting, I would have never seen that coming. Could you recall some examples?


No, you misunderstand. The English word "receipt" translated to the French word "ticket".


Oh boy, another faux ami to confuse me once I'm in France :/

What do you call the thing you use to ride a train? (English "ticket")


As I understand it, a more expensive ticket is a "billet", whereas a cheaper one is a "ticket" again.

Confused me at first that they use the same word for both ticket and receipt, but then I suppose a ticket is a receipt of a sort...


I cant understand this new voice at all

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