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  5. "Marjory is feeling cold."

"Marjory is feeling cold."

Translation:Tha Marsaili a' faireachdainn fuar.

April 19, 2020



Can we get a recording of this, please?


Very annoying having to translate first names!


I just got the two sentences back to back: Chan eil Marsaili a' faireachdainn sgìth & Tha Marsaili a' faireachdainn fuar.

It strikes me that an accomplished speaker would probably combine them to say:
"Chan eil Marsaili a' faireachdainn sgìth ach tha i a' faireachdainn fuar."
But, I wonder about repeating the same verb twice. In English I'd probably say "Marge isn't feeling tired but she is cold." But is that sort of abbreviation acceptable in Gaidhlig?

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