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"Nous partons quand de cet hôtel ?"

Translation:When are we leaving this hotel?

April 19, 2020



I think "When are we leaving from this hotel?" should be okay.


When are we leaving from this hotel was accepted for me in July 2021


"When do you leave this hotel" should be accepted, please.



Hi! Native French speaker here.

Duolingo won’t be accepted it because you used you (« Tu/Vous ») and the French sentence uses « nous » (we)

But you can always report it by clicking on the flag icon or on the report button (depending on which one appears on your device) next time.

Unfortunately the Duolingo staff doesn’t really read all the forums, so it’s the easiest way to let them know about things like that.

And it’s the only way to add new answers to the lesson.

Hope this helped…

Bonne journée et bonne étude!


Thank you, Marie-Clau487592. I see my mistake.


I’m happy I was able to help!

Have a wonderful day! : )


Love the French construction! Maybe I am getting the hang of the linguistics logic

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