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french song/artist recommendations?

i'm beginning to listen to more music in french to improve my skills, as well as learn the words. anyone have good song and/or artists i could possibly listen to?

April 19, 2020



Indochine is really great as Nico said, I highly recomand it as well, personally I like to listen to Angèle (a belgian singer), Eddy de Preto, Thérapie Taxi, la rue kétanou, France Gall and Mylène Farmer


I've made up my own list of about 90 French songs on YouTube. Hopefully, you like quite a few of these (my favourite songs are actually towards the end of the list):


You can find translations into English for nearly all of them on the LyricsTranslate website.


Vandredi Sur Mère for indie pop vibes. She also has great videos! La Femme are great too :)


I really like Lescop, a cold wave band from France.



There is a French rock band called 'Indochine' that I absolutely love! I listen to them all the time. They've been around forever - like since the 80s I think, so tons of music by them out there. Of course, I don't have a clue if this is the type of music you'd personally like, it's kind of rock, sometimes punk, maybe even pop sometimes....they've been around a long time, so gone through a lot of different phases. Um, who else...paul piche, although he's French-Canadian and speaks like one - something to keep in mind if you're like me and trying to learn France-French. (Even though I am actually Canadian).


i'm a big fan of both Pomme and Angèle (they both have sort of a pop-indie vibe), and Aya Nakamura (more pop/hip-hop). Lous and the Yakuza puts out really good music, too.


What kind of music do you like?


im open to anything, honestly. maybe more of pop/indie


One of my old favorites, but more bubble gum pop: search you tube for "Miraculous Ladybug French lyrics (Fre/Eng)". The bonus is that it has the French lyrics and rough English translation as it goes along. I'll shoot you a bunch of lingots just for checking it out.


For something more classical, this is my favorite French song right now: Search you tube for "Michel Sardou - Le Figurant - COMPLET! [Nouveau Single]"


Last one: More like 70s-vibe alternative: Search you tube for "Melanie Pain - Celle De Mes Vingt Ans"


thank you so much:) i'll check them out xx


Angele is amazing, and her songs are catchy. I don't know but she kind of gives me Melanie Martinez vibes. And of course, Stromae


I personally love the classics so I like Édith Piaf


i really like the song Le Bien Qui Fait Mal from the french musical Mozart L'Opéra Rock.


If you have Spotify I found a French Indie playlist I like. If you just type in French Indie on spotify, it's the one with the pink cover and the lightning bolt emoji. It has a decent variety of artists to check out.


You can try "Louan" she is popular in France. Title as : jour un or vole !! Good songs



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mGLRdh_lt0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j3hPW3pvOw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyaSmDtjZPk

Personally I like GeggLarock I have gone to 2 of his concerts, they are amazing and I call him a lady lol hope u enjoy the nice french music.

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