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French Tenses! How to form them and when to use the correct one!

Hello, Ok, so I've been trying to work this one out, with no avail! It might be very simple but I've only just started learning French and am eager to understand tenses, how to form them and when to use them. So, when forming a tense, I have been told I would need to take the AVOIR and add it to the past participle: "j'ai aimie" - I liked (past tense) . This I understand!

Okay, so if I wanted to say something that reoccurred throughout the past, but have now finished, I use the imperfect tense. "j'aimais…" I used to like However, how to you know when to use the AVOIR as the auxiliary? "j'avais aime"?


"j'aimerai" - I will like (future tense) however do I need to use the future tense for AVOIR? "j'aurai aime"

I am probably being really stupid here, but I'm not sure when you have to use the AVOIR?

Thanks for your help!

April 19, 2020


[deactivated user]

    There are far too many things here to answer in a single post! I could correct your first comment (not j'ai aimie but j'ai aimé) or explain that j'aurai aimé means I would have liked... but I think that would generate more questions than answers, so I shall look up some links and post them here for you once I've found them!

    EDIT: I decided the best thing to do is point you to https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/passe-compose-vs-imparfait-3/

    From there you can link back to the lessons on passé composé and imparfait (the links are on that page) and then use the search to look at other past tenses, future, and subjunctive.

    Don't try to rush! You need to give languages time to sink in and really you would be best advised to concentrate on perfecting the present tense before trying to add in complexity. There is a risk you will just end up confused and deflated within another few weeks if you try to rush through.

    Your mind works differently learning languages and you need to get grammar and syntax embedded into your long-term memory, not just plough on too fast where only your short term memory is used and your brain junks one lesson when you start on the next.


    This is ridiculous. The purpose of the French Tree is to learn how to do things like verb tenses. It's totally impossible to learn this on a forum thread. If you want to learn, do the lessons and in a few months or years You will know. Im reluctantly downvoting this because its a waste of time.

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