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"This offer is very interesting."

Translation:Cette offre est très intéressante.

April 19, 2020



Salut! Pourquoi pas "cette offre-ci est très intéressante"? Merci


There is no reason for -ci without context. It means this offer as opposed to that one. It's not wrong, but if it is not necessary, it sounds odd.


Wondering: In a previous example, Ces chaussures (feminine) also are available in blanc (masculine). In the current example, Cette offre (feminine) is very interessante (feminine). What is the difference that requires offre and interresante to both be feminine but does not require chaussures and blanc to both be feminine? Thank you.


Because when you say something is available in a colour, the colour is not the adjective of that thing but the colour itself as a noun. So it doesn't have to agree with the thing. And when you talk about every colour in general, they are in masculine form. Ces chaussures sont disponibles en blanc = These shoes are available IN WHITE # we don't say the shoes are white but in the colour. It works as a noun following the preposition 'en' just like 'en promotion', 'en classe', 'en boîte'. I'm not good at explaining stuff, but I hope you unserstand.


For someone who says he doesn't explain things well, your explanation was very easy to understand. :) Merci beaucoup.

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