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  5. "De hond heeft een staart."

"De hond heeft een staart."

Translation:The dog has a tail.

July 20, 2014



staart? but it's the end of the dog!


It depends on whether you start at the snappy end or at the ❤❤❤❤❤❤ end.

(Wow. Duolingo has started censoring the brown four-letter word.)

[deactivated user]

    Is the final t in this word pronounced like an s, or is that just the synthesizer being odd?

    If that is the correct pronunciation, do final t's always go to fricatives in Dutch?


    The pronunciation sounds about right to me. I see what you mean about the final t sounding like an s, though for me this is still (barely) on the t side of the spectrum between s and t. We definitely don't do it like that in my native German, and it sounds very Dutch to me.


    I think I'm hearing a faint 'i' between the last two letters of 'staart'. Is that how 'rt' sounds in general?

    [deactivated user]


      I seemed to hear "stijt" instead of "staart". I don't know what "stijt" is, but I seriously would've never written "staart" by the way it was pronounced on the exercise.


      Interesting the way the "r" is pronounced in this word (and how Dutch keeps our throat muscles busy!).


      The dog's got a tail. Perfectly good English. However, the program goes into a loop at this point if you submit that answer.


      Is staart pronounced like sty-art then?


      I wonder, what would the translation of "hound" would be.


      Jachthond, i.e. literally hunting dog.


      ...and a Bloodhound is een bloedhond


      Ahhh very nice! :D

      [deactivated user]

        And another one that is close to German - some birds' backsides, the duck's for instance, are called "Sterz". That helps with learning.


        How is a tail the start?


        It isn't. The English cognate of staart is actually the word stark in stark naked. See etymology here.


        Indeed. "Stark naked" is a deformation of the earlier "start naked" (tail naked). The old word "start" survives in the name of the redstart: a bird which has ...a red tail.


        It is roughly the equivalent of the English word "stern", as in the stern of the ship.


        It sounds as "staarTS"


        What should the sound be in the start of "staart" (that is, the first letter, 's')


        The same as English, I believe.


        I still don't know what 'heeft' means...


        This section is asking questions about words that didn't come up in any previous lesson!


        That's just how Duolingo works. It's more efficient that way. Don't worry, Duolingo is not a teacher who will get a bad impression about you when you give an incorrect answer. Making mistakes is part of the normal process of learning a language, and in this case it's not even a mistake when you don't know the translation.

        You can often get it right by clicking on the words to see what may or may not be helpful hints, and use what you already know about the target language. (When there are connectivity issues, this may not be possible.) Sometimes, though, you have to be really clever to get it right. And that's when the most effective kind of learning happens.


        My dog that lived didnt have a tail.


        Good thing. Otherwise he would have had to go to the retail store!

        "Have" in Dutch goes like this...

        Hij heeft - He has
        Ze had - She has
        Het heeft - It has
        Jij hebt - You have
        Zij hebben - They have
        Ik heb - I have
        We hebben - We have



        Anyone else feel like the pronunciation of "hond" is very strange on slow mode? Sounds like "hurrrrunnmpt"


        de staart or het staart?


        It's de staart.

        For German speakers this is easy to remember once you realise that staart is the Dutch cognate of German Sterz, a rarely used synonym of Schwanz (and a masculine noun).


        I thought geen meant a negative, therefore the dog does not have a tail?


        yes the cat has a tails also


        Can someone explain more , thanks

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