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New way to motivate - challenges


I want to suggest a new way to motivate us, learners. But let me know what you think people about that. I thought about challenges, something I can see in different running applications (webpages), you can compete against others. There might be different challenges, for example, who has learned the most new words this week, who earned the most coins in the month, who translated the most texts, who from Germany learning French was the best this months...you name it. Everyone could create a challenge, then users can join them and the competition begins :)

Regards, Rafal

May 5, 2013



Sounds good. Maybe there could also be "tournaments" where users compete at the same time to solve a series of exercises.


Like achievements which are so popular with games these days. This would go really well with Duolingo's gamified approach to learning. 5 day streak achievement 100 points. 10 Lessons completed without losing a heart 200 points. 5 Lessons streak without losing a heart 100 points. etc etc.


I like that idea!


I am totally agree with your opinion the key of learning is the challenge a competition is important

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