I am a wee bit puzzled.

Apart from giving away Lingots, is there any other reason why my number of Lingots may be decreasing? I had over 400 and (apart from giving a couple away) I am now on 383. I don't know where they went!

Any clues, anyone?

April 19, 2020


Looks like you bought a new streak freeze on the 17th as well as a weekend amulet for 20. That would account for about 30 lingots if I recall correctly...

Weekend Amulet: 2020-04-17

Streak Repair: 2020-04-19

Streak Freeze: 2020-04-17

Daily Goal: 10 XP

Thank you! I didn't realise I had bought an amulet either! Well, you live and learn!

there - you should be back up to 400

Thank you - that is so kind. The situation was born of ignorance of the system!

[deactivated user]

    This is a bit strange, don't know why that would be. Maybe there's a lingot thief out there, sneakily pinching the odd lingot from unsuspecting people? To be honest I lost track of how many I've got a while back, so you can have one of mine!

    Thank you - I have obviously missed the point of Lingots!

    I never bought a streak freeze, but when I missed a day due to some confusion over the clocks change at the end of March I discovered I had one because it activated. (I must have practised 13 hours apart.) Duolingo kept punting another one at me and I was going to buy one because I've got more lingots than I know what to do with, but then suddenly I finished a lesson and got a screen saying "You found a streak freeze!" And there it was, a free streak freeze. That must have happened before, to get me the freeze that activated.

    I guess I'll have to give some lingots away because I can't even seem to spend them!

    I can identify with this! My lack of understanding of the system! Thank you!

    Thank you so much, everyone! The light now dawns! I had not realised how the Lingot/Streak Freeze System worked! Of course, it's obvious now you kind people have pointed it out to me.

    Thank you for those of you who have donated Lingots! You are stars!

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