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Duolingo Stories

I have found that these Stories are an amazing way to learn in languages, learners using and developing their listening and comprehension skills to complete them!

Who else uses Duolingo Stories? Let me know your thoughts on Stories. Hope you are all well, happy learning!

April 19, 2020



I definitely have used the stories... There are definitely some ones I wish I hadn't wasted my time on though...


The Stories section is very good but not available in all courses. Maybe we can see stories in Turkish.



I did, only to cheat the leagues about a year ago, I personally don't like them. For reasons I won't bother mentioning.


Shadow.Avalon, be sure to check out (and help with!) the hard work being done in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198. We also have a category in the Educator's Network on Slack. Please add ideas!


I used to use stories when I was learning german and were very fun! Now that I'm fully concentrated on Norwegian I am sad that there is not a story option for the language.

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