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"Tu cliques ici pour te connecter à Internet."

Translation:You click here to go online.

April 19, 2020



You click here to connect you to the Internet. Is it wrong?


It was marked incorrect. Twice!


Why not "l'Internet"?


As you can see Internet is capitalized which means it is not a common noun but what is called "nom propre" in french : it includes firstnames, surnames, city, countries,.... You recognize them because they start by a capital lettre

We never put articles before a nom propre unless countries and buildings as "la Tour Eiffel" . So as you will never say "le Paris", you will not say "l'Internet"

Article + nom propre can be found in poetry, but it is incorrect to use it in everyday life unless you want to be theatrical

Btw, fun fact : as Internet is a recent word, some french people also make the mistake... mainly old persons ahah ;)


Thank you. It seems unusual to see two vowels without an article separating them and sounds awkward when spoken aloud.


Why not ? Click here to get online? It is understood that I'm talking to somebody using the second person. (You)

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