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Problem with error message covering up text.

Second try to post a sample of a problem that happens to me all the time. The error message actually covers up my text, so I can't see what the error is.


Sorry about erasing my original post. I can't seem to figure out how to actually edit it. Whenever I try, it wipes everything out, and I have to start all over!

July 21, 2014



Grrr. I give up. I can't figure out how to get an image in there.


![Alt text](url)


Thanks, but that is exactly what I did. I even copied the markup directly from Imger. The only thing I can see that looks like a problem is that the url I got from Imgur has no extension (like jpg or png). Here is the url I get from them: Imgur

I'm going to try it one more time and add "jpg". (Fingers crossed!)


OK! That worked!

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