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  5. "Everybody is so tired."

"Everybody is so tired."

Translation:Tha a h-uile duine cho sgìth.

April 20, 2020



Could someone break down the grammatical details of this?

Would a h-uile duine literally/historically taken mean "the whole of people"?


a h-uile duine just means every person, a h-uile is just a determiner meaning every. It comes from adjective uile all, entire which can come before and after a noun or a pronoun (eg. iad uile they all) which comes from Old Irish uile. But how exactly it evolved, I don’t know.


Ah, I understand my confusion now. If I understand right, in Gàidhlig adjectives normally follow nouns, so I would have expected the incorrect an duine uile. Because it was first, I thought it was a noun in a genitive situation (the people's whole, the whole of the people).

Thanks for the replies on this and other threads, your replies are always fantastic!


There are a few exceptions to the adjective post noun rule.

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