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  5. "Zij draagt een jurk."

"Zij draagt een jurk."

Translation:She wears a dress.

July 21, 2014



"Ze draagt een jurk" is not acceptable?

My understanding so far is that "ze draagt" and "zij draagt" both translate to "she wears," but that the latter is a stressed pronoun. Am I incorrect in that?

For the record, I'm not able to hear a difference in these lessons between a stressed and unstressed pronoun. There doesn't seem to be any context clues in the sentences that make me think, "this is a stressed pronoun." Am I just lacking that listening comprehension skill, is it just poor audio play back, or perhaps both?


Yes, the voice should say SHE "draagt een jurk" and not "She wears A dress"


I kept thinking "zij draagt een jurk.... she has a vestido..... vestido... vestido... wtf is a vestido in english???" I hate when I remember a word in another language and the english is at the tip of my tongue... I knew what it meant but I didn't know the english for it.


I don't know any Spanish, but I looked it up on Google and it said "vesitdo" means "Kleid." (Since you know some German. XD)


I don't speak spanish either lol it was portuguese. Kleid, jurk, vestido, alle zijn os mesmos


Ah. See, I entered it into Google Translate and it recognized it as Spanish. I guess I know dress in Portuguese now. XD


Spanish and Portuguese have many similarities. Most words are very similar, it's just the pronunciation is different. In Spanish, it pronounced as it looks, whereas in Portuguese it sounds like "ves-chee-du"


Oh okay. Thanks for explaining that. Otherwise I would have gone around pronouncing it wrong. XD I did know that Spanish and Portuguese shared similarities. Some day I'd like to learn them (Portuguese more than Spanish), but for now I'll focus on German and Dutch. (There. Thanks.)


How come it is not 'They wear a dress.' ?


That would be: zij dragen.


Ze draagt een jurk is ook correct... Ze / Zij = She, Ze = They, the difference is only in the verb ze draagt = she wears , Ze dragen = they wear...


So ze dragen and zij dragen would translate to "they wear"???


Gown or dress accepts on some but not this one


Zij draagt een jurk is not necessarily "she wears" it can also be "she is wearing a dress"


It sounds like [jY-ruk] than [jYrk]. Duo, you need to fix this. It's so faint in fast mode that it sounds like [Y] not [jYrk].

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