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Suggestion: It would be nice to offer Dutch.

I love the format of this website! I think it would be cool if you guys offered more languages, like Dutch and Swedish. That kind of stuff would be really useful.

May 5, 2013



Quote from Kristine (http://duolingo.com/#/kristinemc):

"We have plans to make it possible for community members to add languages. Something we'll talk more about in the near future"


That's awesome.


If you like detective/crime fiction stories, these are 2 languages that have a lot of good ones. In fact I've been reading Swedish detective stories in Dutch lately. For early forays into reading a language, detective/crime fiction is a good choice, since the vocabulary tends to have a lot of repetition.


Cool. Do you usually get them off Amazon, or from elsewhere?


I get Dutch books mostly from E-Bay, some from abebooks.com, a few (and the postage/VAT is ridiculous) from Holland, bol.com mostly. But anyone really interested in getting inexpensive 2nd hand dutch books (a lot of mysteries) ought to send me a private message because, Ik heb een plankvol van tweedehands boeken, goedkoep!

A tip for looking for Dutch books on E-Bay: Use advanced search. Here's my designed advanced search for E-bay, eliminates a lot of unwanted stuff with "Dutch" in the title (especially Pennsyvania Dutch, etc) http://tinyurl.com/c73wx63

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