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Succes "chess / cavalier" ?

Bonjour, ici ce n'est pas vraiment une grande discussion mais c'est une question a laquelle je ne trouve aucune réponse nulle part.

Pour faire simple et court, je vois quelques personnes qui ont validé un succès qui ressemble a une pièce d’échec (le cavalier) mais impossible de savoir ce que c'est ni comment la validé a mon tour.

Quelqu'un peut me renseigner s'il vous plait ? Merci!

April 20, 2020


[deactivated user]

    L'insigne est "stratège".

    Il suffit de lire un conseil, et voilà.... il est a vous!



    Ce succès s'appelle « Stratège », et pour l'obtenir, il te suffit de lire une astuce:


    The english name is 'Knight' but I haven't seen the icon here


    Ah ok thank you, but then I read "tips" many time and I still don't have it. Is there a specific number of time I have to read it ?


    Take a look at this comment https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34390570?comment_id=37640046

    From what I've seen it's a bit bugged and only seems to be available if you have currently selected one of the listed courses. If you go to a different language course then the achievement is hidden again. It's also not visible on the website and website tips don't work, it's only a phone app achievement, seemingly.


    I have the achievement on the website, but only when I'm focussed on an 'X from English' course. I don't see it when focussed on an 'X from Dutch' or 'X from French' course.


    Oh you're right, it does also appear on the website. But yes it only works for a small number of courses which are generally X from English, mostly listed in the comment I linked.


    Weel you are right, It show oin the website ( not on the app) for me. And I achieved it, thank you !

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