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  5. "Feumaidh mi rudeigin eile."

"Feumaidh mi rudeigin eile."

Translation:I need something else.

April 20, 2020



The eile part sounds more like ua


It would be interesting to know who decided (and when) which words can skip the slender/slender, broad/broad rule. Also (given the range of accents and variations in pronunciation we have in the course) if there is now an emergent received pronunciation and an orthography which reflects it, via the Scottish Qualifications Authority or Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.


It’s basically only compound words. rudeigin is actually two words slapped together: rud a thing and eigin some, basically the same as English some·thing. Sometimes you might see it written with a dash, as rud-eigin in Am Faclair Beag.

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