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Weekends off

Hi there everyone. I got the following email from a parent and wonder if you guys can give me some advice. "Is there a way that my child can take off the weekend from Duolingo without having to use Ligots? They keep having to repeat basic 1 and greetings which seems to defeat the purpose of progressing in this program. Can the goals be altered? I'm not sure what to tell them. Any ideas?" Thanks

April 20, 2020



You can take the weekend off without spending lingots. The only ramification is that you'll lose your streak. You don't lose any crowns or XP.

I'm not sure why the person thinks their child has to repeat basic 1 and greetings. They can just move ahead once they've done the lessons in a given skill set.


If they want to keep their streak then they have to use Lingots on the weekends.

They keep having to repeat basic 1 and greetings...

Is it because the next levels aren't unlocking?


Thanks for your help! Your answers are what I thought!


Have the student send you a screenshot of their tree, so that you can see if their next levels are still gray, or if they actually can progress.

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