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Hello, I love duolingo, written a review, rated it 5 stars etc and it is by far the sleekest bit of language software I have had the pleasure to use, but one thing I have to complain about. Being a curious sort I tried out every single course available, and caring folks that duolingo are, I now get an email reminder every day to practice every single one. Now I am not dumb and I know how to turn that off, but I do have the feeling that A: I never asked you to email me and dont remember accepting so if there was some process for that it was not clear enough, and B: even if I did, one email should be enough right?

I really do not consider my inbox the place for anything other than important things like work, friends etc, and do not differentiate between facebook, duolingo, monster.com etc garbage and spammers/phishers/hackers etc, it is all equally unwelcome to me! Although it is an uphill struggle trying to prevent it all, I don't feel like quietly accepting it today.

Ps, thanks for being otherwise excellent!

May 6, 2013


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