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  5. "Who is going in there?"

"Who is going in there?"

Translation:Wie gaat er daarin?

July 21, 2014



Why is "er" necessary here? Can't it simply be: Wie gaat daarin?


As a native speaker I'd accept is, although 'Wie gaat daar naar binnen' is better in my opinion.


If "er" is necessary in the complete sentence, how could we translate/understand that in English?


In English, "there" has two different uses. One is to specify a location, and the other is that part of "to be" whose grammatical name I can't remember right now. In Dutch, these are two different words: "daar" and "er" respectively. E.g. the English sentence "There is a dog in there" uses both meanings of "there" - the Dutch translation would be something like "Er staat een hond daarin". In Dutch it's just more obvious which is which.


So "er" is loosely akin to "there is" and "daar" is like "in there"?


It's an undefined/unspecified subject, my guess is because the grammar formally requires a subject, when the subject is in fact undefined/unspecified you still have to use a word for filling the role of grammatical subject


Is it ok to use "het" in this sentence?


Is it possible to use daarbinnen instead of daarin?


Would "Wie gaat is daarin" be incorrect? o:


Yes, it is. 'Wie gaat daarin' would be correct. You had two verbs that just cannot be combined, i.e. 'gaat is' translating to 'goes is'.

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