Why are my students' XPs/time NOT showing up on their assignments but they are showing up on the activity log?

April 20, 2020


Short answer -- Duolingo is experiencing lag times, probably due to the increased traffic. They are working on it. For now, just wait a day to put your grades in.

Also, double-check that the students are doing Skills. Stories are not tied to XP yet, unfortunately. So if they do a Story of two (or five), it will show up in their Activity Log, but it will not count toward XP.

Thank you. I can understand the increased traffic during these crazy times. Another question which may explain some other things... Are practices tied to XPs? I have a student that has completed 2000XPs yet has not completed one 150 XP assignment. Please advise.

Yes, if you are assigning XP, then any skill the student does (on the main tree) will count.

Or rather, "should" count. Duo is aware of the problem and I think working fast on it.

When I have issues like this, I tell the student to send me weekly screen shots. You can choose

  1. Screen shots of the golden (or blue, or red) skills on the tree

  2. Screen shots of their "Congratulations" screen (but sometimes the students forget in the excitement of finishing a skill)

  3. Screenshots of their graph on the right hand side which shows how much XP they have done so far this week.

Hopefully, it's not too many students... Hang in there.

thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, obrigada, any way you say it!

We are all in this together, SraMarinucci. Todos juntos vamos a tener éxito, ¿sí?

I think we can still see their progress in the activity log, so you might not need the screen shots. I'm no expert though. You can click on the student in the classroom and "view activity log."

Thanks to everyone for the helpful information.

Thank you, but some of the XPs are from years ago when the students first signed up for Duolingo, so it doesn't give an accurate number. I would have to count them up. UGH!

I can see why that would be a problem.

Can't you look at "Activity" under "Manage student"? That gives you dates, starting with the most recent.

Hope this helps!

How long have you been teaching HS classes? How do you handle high schoolers? What part of the country do you live in?

AliceMayfield, I can't tell if you are asking me or Sra. Marinucci or Ms. Kerbs, so I apologize if you are asking one of them and I jump in with an answer :)

I have been teaching high school for eight years, and taught middle school before that. I have been using Duolingo in my classrooms for six years. Even though the Pacific Northwest is doing fairly well in containing COVID-19, I just got word that, to be safe, my district (and all surrounding districts) will be remote learning for at least the first semester. I normally play a ton of games in my classroom, so I am trying to visualize how to do many of the games remotely, in an area where internet is not reliable.

I would say that the greatest challenges facing us in engaging high schoolers at the moment is

  1. assuming that the students have good internet connections (And me, too!)

  2. keeping them emotionally engaged in the material, so that they want to study

  3. getting them to study even for five minutes a day, so that information is encoded in their long-term memory. (They want to study for four hours on one day and then not look at the material for six days. That doesn't work.)

  4. discouraging the students from using machine translation. I use a combination of trying to lower their affective filters, so that the students don't worry about making mistakes, and assigning projects. (For example, giving instructions for an art project, and then saying, "I'll know if you understood the directions by how well you do the project.")

How about you, AliceMayfield? And everyone else reading this? How are you all preparing for a challenging school year?


Yes. I was addressing you with the question. I just started my classroom today. I appreciate the help. I have a lot of things to figure out. Duolingo is optional for my students. Only 2 of them choose to participate. Just something fun I thought they may like while obtaining a skill. I'm glad to have them. Thanks for all your suggestions!!! I have a lot to think about. Good luck in all your endeavors. Sincerely, Alice

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