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  5. "Do you play tennis?"

"Do you play tennis?"

Translation:Am bi thu a' cluiche teanas?

April 20, 2020



In this exercise, one hint spelt 'teanas' and the other 'teanais', which one is correct?


I put teanais in an earlier answer and was told it was a typo, so this time I put teanas, and was given teanais as "another correct answer"! Looks like a bit of tweaking is required.


I also wondered this. How would you say 'Will you be playing tennis?' - or do you have to infer this from the context?


So to ask if they will be playing do you have to add later or something to specify?


I was thinking the same as SF3Zqa. Please explain one a noun and the other a verb?


Belatedly, I've just looked at my dictionary. Teanas is the nominative, teanais the genitive. Having not reached that part of the course, I have yet to be enlightened about why a genitive might be correct in this context. Both are nouns, though (and I did know that slenderizing of the final vowel is typical of the genitive). No doubt all will be made clear at the appropriate point.


Is it teanas or teanais? What's the difference?

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