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"Why did they go out in the rain?"

Translation:Pourquoi est-ce qu'ils sont sortis sous la pluie ?

April 21, 2020



Pourquoi sont-ils sortis sous la pluie?

✓ = Accepted.


why not 'dans" la pluie? It's one of the hints. When I am unsure and check the hints, they often don't actually relate to the phrase being translated. It's frustrating and confusing.


The hints are unfortunately word-specific and not context-specific; to use this sentence as an example, we use "in the rain" in English and the usual translation for "in" is « dans » in French; this is one of the cases where the prepositions do not correlate in the two languages: French use « sous la pluie » / "under the rain"! :)


"La pluie" and "le parapluie"! Interesting!


Ooh! Good observation! :) Have a lingot! :)


I think that in French sounds more natural to swap to the end of the sentence the Why: "Ils sont sortis sous la pluie pour quoi ?"


first, pourquoi is one word, so your choice would fail on that alone. More important, there is a rule that says pourquoi cannot be at the end of the sentence (see duome.eu/tips/en/zz)


Why does it always change the gender in answer? The question doesn't specify so changing from elles to ils just makes it seem as though i am even more wrong!


If you used « elles » then you also need to use « sorties » ! :)

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