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No Sound Pickup

Duolingo is not hearing my oral inputs. My computer mike is on.

April 21, 2020



Duolingo is not hearing my oral inputs. My computer mike is on.

Same here. I tried multiple times. "Un jour, j'irai surfer cette vague très célèbre" was the first exercise I got. It turned blue until vague, then très célèbre stayed grey. I kept saying "très célèbre" over and over for about 30 seconds. Finally I got fed up with it and aborted the lesson. Tried another one and got the same result.

It's "mic" by the way, sort for microphone. A "Mike" is different. For example, the vice president of the United States is a Mike, short for Michael.

Don't feel bad about the negative vote. I was glad to see your post because it showed that it wasn't a problem with my laptop. Some people love to downvote others. There's a thread about the mic not working properly already in the troubleshooting forum and that thread got a downvote as well, along with some smart-ass responses such as "did you turn on the microphone?"

I'll make a bug report and hopefully one of the staff will notice it.


With earphones or without??


I don't know if it helps but have u tried speaking up to the speaker bit on ur computer?


till now the half world was on the Duo - now the whole world

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