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  5. "De katjes zijn echt zacht."

"De katjes zijn echt zacht."

Translation:The kittens are truly soft.

July 21, 2014



Admit it: this whole lesson is just an excuse to talk about kittens. ☺


depending on what echt's antecedent is it could also be The kittens really are soft.


I translated "echt" as "very", but Duolingo didn't accept it :(


It's not quite fitting. 'Echt' is closer to speaking of truth than to how much something is a certain way.


In that case "The cats really are soft" would be more correct because "the cats are really soft" would usually be interpeted as "the cats are very soft".


Yeah the first time i translated it also felt like it meant: "The kittens really are soft"


The Dutch word for kitten is actually also kitten, and katje can be used for any cat.


There is another question in this section that reffers to 'het katje'. Is there a reason we would use 'de' and not 'het' in this case? I know normally its just something you need to learn for each noun but I am confused if there is a reason why one noun would change simply because it is in plural form or is it a mistake? Thanks

  • Diminutives (singular) always use het
  • Plurals always use de
  • Plural diminutives are still plural and de is used


What is wrong with "The kittens are genuinely soft" obviously this also means it is truely so. I wonder why this was incorrect.?

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