The owl is everywhere on this website and even functions as the mascot for this. Why don't they ever teach the word in animals? Does anyone else think that this is kind of ironic?

May 6, 2013


They do in French, as far as I remember. In Animals or Plurals (hibou - hiboux).

That's interesting, because I haven't learned it yet. Maybe it will appear when I try all the lessons again.

I do not think I ever saw it in a Spanish lesson either but a few days ago someone posted this "el búho" Duolingo is glitching the Matrix :)

i did the entire spanish tree and never saw it. a "búho" is an owl with raised feathers (spotted eagle owl) and a "lechuza" is an owl without raised feathers on its head (barn owl)

I agree it is the mascot in Spanish they don't teach
the word owl.

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