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German - red.

Rot, rote, roter, rotes, - all denote the word "red," - can anyone give me a clear undestanding of exactly under which circumstances each one is used? Thanks....

August 8, 2012



In German, adjectives like "rot" (which is the basic form) need to be in grammatical agreement with the substantive (noun) they describe. That means you need to adjust for both gender of the noun (male/female/neuter) and its grammatical case (nominative, genitive, accusative, dative). This is one of the fundamental concepts in German and many other languages, and you'll just have to practise. Good luck :)


Yep, like FleurDeLis said. Examples: "die Tasse - eine rote Tasse" "der Computer - ein roter Computer" "das Handy - ein rotes Handy". When der changes to den or dem, the adjective changes too.


Adjectives are used accorded to the gender of the noun. Preposition and verbs change the grammatical case.

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