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  5. "You are quite pink today."

"You are quite pink today."

Translation:Tha thu gu math pinc an-diugh.

April 21, 2020



Could this also translate as 'you look really pink today'? Gu math means several things?


Me too same question. This seems like a non-standard use of the word 'quite', to mean really, whereas most people would understand it to mean somewhat but not completely. Even in the US. Or does 'gu math' mean both really and not completely? Seems odd. How do you distinguish?


Same question...


I would have thought "caran pinc" was "quite pink"


Thanks. I think the issue is with the English; since "quite" can mean both completely and somewhat (though I think for most people more often somewhat), they should use a less ambiguous English word, like "really". Also, I looked up "caran" in the Duolingo dictionary and though the explanations are about Scottish Gaelic, such as "Tha i caran gaothach" - "It is somewhat windy", it was listed as a Spanish to English translation!

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