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"Pardon? Are you speaking English?"

Translation:B' àill leibh? A bheil thu a' bruidhinn Beurla?

April 21, 2020



Why is is it "leibh" (le+sibh if I remember my prepositional pronouns correctly) in the first sentence but then it uses the singular/ informal thu in the second? Am I misidentifying the "leibh" or is it done for the politeness of the Gaelic equivalent of "Pardon"?


B’ àill leibh has become a fixed expression that is used regardless of whether you use thu or sibh in the rest of the interaction. It's explained in the notes for the Sayings unit (or in the full Duome notes https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd)


Why can't it be "A bheil sibh a' bruidhinn Beurla?" ?


why is sibh in the question not correct. indeed, given the question, sibh in my opinion is more correct because it is a question asked of a stranger .


either answer sibh or thu should be correct. if not tell me what key I missed

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