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"At the moment I am working in Amsterdam."

Translation:Momenteel werk ik in Amsterdam.

July 21, 2014



Why is "Momenteel ik werk in Amsterdam" not correct? I am often confused by the noun/verb order in these situations (e.g. "lopen zij daar" vs "zij lopen daar")


The main verb always has to be the second item in word order. So for example, because when/time is first, the verb has to be KEPT in second so therefore the subject (ik) has to be moved to the third item in the sentence.

E.g: http://gyazo.com/fae18c1f750f112e581639d60975b258 (screenshot to help explain)

Don't forget that when writing a sentence, the word order for time/when, manner/how, place/where as to be in the following order, regardless if the time/when is at the front of the sentence or in the middle:




I hope that helps :)


Thank you that does help :)


Would "Ik werk momenteel in Amsterdam" make sense also?


This reply is way to late (sorry!), but yes. That translation is fine too. :)


is "op het moment" an acceptable translation of "at the moment"?


"Op het moment werk ik in Amsterdam" would be acceptable too. :)


"op dit ogenblik werk ik in amsterdam" should be accepted as well.


Can somebody please correct me. I tried "Momenteel Ik aan het werk in amsterdam" or it should have been "Momenteel aan het werk ik in amsterdam" ??


Both are incorrect and this is because of the reason explained by JaneEmily earlier in this thread: the sentence order does not work and "the main verb always has to be the second item in the word order".

It should be either "Momenteel ben ik aan het werk(en) in Amsterdam" or "Momenteel werk ik in Amsterdam". Of course more alternatives are possible, but this is the word order you are looking to use.


"I" should not take the second place in the sentence.
When you have the present continuous form "aan het werken", the auxiliary verb 'ben' will go before the rest of the verb phrase and in Dutch word order and inversion, you tend to have the formula:
(other part of the sentence, f.i. the adverb of time) + conjugated verb + subject + the rest of the sentence

More information about Dutch word order can be found here.


Actually I've seen that section already and it's an important part of my notebook (I copy every exercise of duolingo to a notebook because I learn better that way). But I'm sorry! Dutch has a structure that I'm not really used to. Spanish is my first language so it's kinda different to think in Dutch. (kinda like old english) but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's hard when having no one to ask to, but the guides are really helpful. I should read them again. Duolingo, you (moderators) and the comments are the closest thing I have to a teacher :)


Dutch is by no means easy and word order is especially tricky, so you're not alone. :)

Feel free to leave grammar questions on our profiles. We can answer them and/or incorporate them in grammar explanations!


I will! Dank je wel :)


Thanks, Lavinae!


I answered "Momenteel ben ik aan het werken in Amsterdam" and it was marked wrong.


I also tried this, and wondered why it is not correct


I think it is because the main verb must be the second word in this sentence? We need ik before werk?


I translated this as, Op het moment ben ik aan het werken in Amsterdam. Why is this wrong?

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